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Basic WordPress Managed Hosting


Storage – 5Gigs
Unlimited traffic – Yes
Mailboxes – 500
Let’s Encrypt SSL/TLS – Yes
Free backups – Daily
24/7 technical support – Yes

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This basic WordPress Managed Hosting package is perfect for small websites that don't need a ton of power. Even though it's our most affordable option, it still packs a punch! Here's what you get:

Always Up and Running: We'll monitor your website 24/7 to ensure it's always accessible to your visitors. No more downtime worries!

Backups Every Day: Relax knowing your website is safe with daily backups. If anything goes wrong, we can easily restore it.

Malware & Broken Link Patrol: We scan your site daily for malware and broken links, keeping it secure and user-friendly.

Faster Loading Times: We optimize your images and code for speed, giving your visitors a smooth browsing experience.

Firewall Protection: Keep bad bots and hackers away with our built-in firewall, protecting your website from attacks.

Peace of Mind Included: Focus on what matters - your content and visitors. We handle the technical stuff, so you can relax!

If you want a simple, reliable, and affordable way to host your small WordPress website, this package is the perfect fit. Sign up today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your website is in good hands!

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